Myrtle Beach weather

Myrtle Beach Weather

MYRTLE BEACH & The Grand Strand

It may be hard to believe but Myrtle Beach weather actually comes with four seasons. Winter temperatures are generally in the 50's with cold spells in the 30's. You can always count on a few 70 degree days in January and February. Summers are hot and humid with temps in the mid-80's to low 90's. Spring and fall are the best - temperatures in the 70's with low humidity. Perfect for golf and any outside activities.

Annual Averages
(Based on 30 years of data)
Sunny days: 215
Days when maximum temperature is more than 90(Fahrenheit): 46
Days with .10 inches of rain or more: 72


Winter  Air   Water 
December 60 55
January 56 51
February 60 52
Spring  Air   Water 
March 68 57
April 76 62
May 83 69
Summer  Air   Water 
June 88 77
July 91 81
August 89 83
Autumn  Air   Water 
September 85 80
October 77 73
November 69 65